I'm a nursing student, who, in between taking care of patients and learning how to jam them full of various medical equipment, likes to pursue a lot of artistic hobbies - two of which are drawing and sewing, which you'll probably see a lot of here.

I love what I do, and I work hard doing it.

2nd September 2012

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I work at a summer camp teaching arts and crafts, and during one week this year I had to teach the kids how to make some fabric finger puppets.  The nights before I teach, I always make a demo piece so I can show the kids an example of the finished product…  Because I was so obsessed with Bastion at the time, I ended up making a finger puppet of The Kid.  After seeing how he turned out, I couldn’t help but make the others! 

Zulf’s my favorite out of the four…  What about you guys?

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