I'm a nursing student, who, in between taking care of patients and learning how to jam them full of various medical equipment, likes to pursue a lot of artistic hobbies - two of which are drawing and sewing, which you'll probably see a lot of here.

I love what I do, and I work hard doing it.

2nd May 2013

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so, I’m currently writing a book…

it’s an illustrated book based off of my experience working with ESL students at school [really, one very special and wonderful student in particular].  I’m part of a program called “conversation partners,” in which native english speakers are paired up with ESL students according to their interests and hobbies, and the pair meets for an hour each week to chat and help develop the ESL student’s conversational english.  it’s a ton of fun, and you learn a lot - there’s a lot of cultural exchange!

anyway, the book is called “letters in the clouds,” and I’m going to be done with it soon - the text is all set, and I just need to finish the illustrations.  it’s based on a personal story that my partner from last semester told me, one that was really incredible and heartwarming to listen to.  I was wondering if you guys would be interested in seeing more…?

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  1. pencilsmudges answered: yessssss
  2. katrinadraws answered: Seriously, this is wonderful.
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